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Learn about the history of Rivkin Asset Management,
reasons to believe that what we say is what we do,
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The Rivkin brand has existed for four decades in Australia, and in the late 1990s it became very well known within the Australian equity investment research space.

In 2009 the firm became engaged in global multi-asset research and quantitative analysis, and since then has run discrete portfolios for large investors who seek growth and income solutions to solve their investment needs.

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The Reasons To Believe

It is easy for investors to get lost in the world of wealth management. Rivkin makes brand promises like ‘honesty’ and ‘transparency,’ but these days, who doesn’t? For this reason, it is important to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with what we mean when we use these terms. To Rivkin, they have never been and will never be clichés; rather, they are values that have clear meaning and benefits to our clients. You need reasons to believe if you are new to our brand, and if you don’t find them on this page, please also visit our Philosophy page, or click here to get in touch.

Here is a guide to what is meant when Rivkin refers to some of its key brand values:

HONESTY: A relationship between a client and a manager is built on trust. Trust is built on honesty. Rivkin has 20+ year relationships with clients not because we beat every other investment peer every year (we don’t), not because we’re the only investment manager that reports performance transparently (we’re not); rather, we enjoy great relationships with our clients because we do not dress up the truth when the truth becomes painful. Sometimes our performance will exceed client expectations, sometimes our performance will miss client expectations. At times, below-average performance is acceptable if it fits within our internal historical range of returns. But when performance is unexpected (whether that is perceived by clients as looking ‘good’ or ’bad’), we will communicate what process led to that unexpected return, and what will be done to address that process.

TRANSPARENCY: Not all investment performance is reported equally. Even some of our most admired peers report their performance on a gross basis (before fees) or use structures that enable them to ignore ‘high watermarks’ when setting a hurdle for future performance fee calculations. When Rivkin advertises its performance, it will show you a figure that is net of all costs, being the pre-tax return that we achieved by purchasing units in our funds alongside you. And we will only charge you a performance fee when the value of your investment has surpassed its highest previous point, net of all costs. We use the equalisation method of performance fee calculation across all of our funds - this means that if the net asset value of the units you purchase on your first day is $500,000, then you won't ever be billed performance fees unless we beat that value - no matter what returns other investors in the fund are experiencing due to their entry and exit timing.

All of this is of supreme importance, because there is no use you evaluating a manager if you are not given a transparent representation of what they have achieved for their clients in the past.

FAMILY: As outlined in our philosophy document, Rivkin products and services must pass a very simple test – we ask ourselves, “Would you happily recommend this investment to your mother, brother, uncle or best friend?” It is not only important for clients to have a reason to believe in our brand, it is important for staff, directors, shareholders and members of our immediate community to believe in what we do too – without that belief, we would not be able to attract and retain the great people who will feel driven to create great results for our clients.

Meet the team

  • Oliver Gordon

    Portfolio Manager - BAgrEc, GradDipAppFin

  • Dr. William O'Loughlin

    Portfolio Manager - BE Aero, PhD Eng

  • Thomas Silitonga

    Director, Asset Management - Dip SB, ADA1

  • Nikos Enginertan

    Chief Executive Officer - BSoc, BStats, MBA

  • Shannon Rivkin

    Director, Investments - Dip FM

  • Dion Rivkin

    Director, Dealing - Dip SB, Dip IT, ADA1

  • Gregory Freckmann

    Finance and Compliance Manager

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