Rivkin's investing products

Our investing products provide investors with specific trade recommendations based on multiple strategies. 
This multi-strategy approach to investing creates well diversified, market defensive investment portfolios. 

Investment Philosophy

Updated October, 2019

Via our offering of funds and managed accounts, Rivkin aims to deliver higher long-term average returns than their comparable markets, while at the same time aiming to avoid losses that are as deep and prolonged as typical equity markets

We invest predominantly in listed companies because there are many to choose from, they can be analysed by our teams in a quantitative fashion, and they are frequently priced and traded on popular markets, making the purchase and sale of their securities easy and efficient.

Just like your corner store or favourite restaurant, all listed companies have income, costs, and access to funding. They are affected by global and local economic environments and managed in ways that might see them succeed or fail. Unlike your local corner store or favourite restaurant, however, Rivkin has access to deep current and historical data on these companies as well as experienced investment management professionals who can decide whether they might make good or bad investments.

We approach investments in companies in two different ways. On the one hand, we conduct fundamental analysis on companies to ensure that they are likely to remain more attractive than their peers throughout good and bad market conditions. On the other hand, we are data-driven, rules-based investors – this means we place a much higher value on process design than the judgements of any one individual, and it also helps us time the purchase and sale of good companies to ensure we are buying when price trends are up and selling when those trends flatten out.

The extensive use of technology and data multiplies the reach and ability of our team, well beyond its physical capacity. Before we purchase a company, we need to know how similar companies with similar fundamentals and price trends behaved historically, during good and bad market conditions. We need to marry them to other companies with similar probabilities of success to achieve diversification. We then need to group these companies into what we call 'strategies,' and ensure that we have enough strategies with different return profiles running at the same time to complement the entire fund by reducing its volatility. 

A rules-based approach to investing means that no single member of the investment management team can disproportionately influence the outcome of our fund returns, without being in breach of process. As well as defending the funds against the actions of any one individual, this also ensures continuity of returns when investment professionals join and leave the team.

By investing alongside Rivkin, our clients get access to an actively-managed portfolio of companies in sectors and countries, designed and managed by investment management professionals who have combined industry experience of 80 years. In exchange for providing this service, Rivkin charges a fee; however, we will always use fund performance that is net of all fees when advertising returns.

Finally, Rivkin’s values of family, honesty, openness, respect and simplicity sit at the heart of our Asset Management business, and each fund that we run must pass a simple test among our employees, where appropriate, “Would you happily recommend this investment to your mother, brother, uncle or best friend?” Any hesitation to answering that question is welcomed and will act as a natural driver to fuel the endless journey to investment excellence.

We hope to welcome you on that journey.

Scott Schuberg

Rivkin Asset Management Chairman    

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